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5 day Summer revision

11-plus subjects: Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning

Option 1: 23rd – 27th July 2018
Option 2: 30th July – 3rd August 2018
Option 3: 27th – 31st August 2018


Preparing your child for the 11-plus exam

The 11-plus exam is difficult enough which is why this is not the time to cut corners. Your child will get one chance at the 11-plus and we want to help them succeed.

What to expect from our 11-plus revision course

Before the course – meeting your child’s needs

When you complete the booking form we will ask you to tell us about your child. The 11-plus exams they will be taking, areas they find difficult and also if they have any mobility, health or educational needs.

Your child will be asked to complete a pre-course assessment to highlight specific areas of weakness in English, maths, verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

Results and feedback will be provided about one week before the start of the course.

During the course – revision, exam technique and mock exam

We will cover the major topics for each subject including any weak areas that are uncovered through the pre-course assessment. The tutor will teach at the front of the class and sessions will be as interactive as possible allowing time for your child to fill the gaps in their learning.

Summer School Tutor Teaching class using board


Your child will answer exam questions to improve their exam technique. Tutors describe the different types of exam questions and explain how best to answer them to gain full marks. Whilst students are working independently tutors will give individual support.


During the last two days of the course there will be a formal mock exam in English, Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. These will be taken under exam conditions. After the exam tutors will discuss some of the questions so that the children can learn from their mistakes.


After the course – feedback

Pre-course assessment papers will be returned immediately after the course.  These are not given back earlier as the information is used to plan the course and as a point of reference to help your child.

Mock exam papers are marked and either posted or emailed to you with a written report within one week. If the tutor suggests that your child needs to do extra work in a particular area we will offer as much help as possible. If you feel a one-to-one session would help to complete your child’s preparation for the exam we will be happy to arrange this.

Course topics


Writing techniques: 

  • How to plan and structure a piece of writing
  • Writing to explain or describe in relation to a character or place
  • Starting sentences in different ways
  • Writing to persuade, argue or advise
  • Writing letters, blogs, magazine articles or a report

Comprehension techniques:

  • Long and short answers
  • How to support answers using short quotations

Writing correctly:

  • Common spelling errors – homophones, word endings…
  • Common grammar errors
  • Punctuation – basic and advanced
  • Vocabulary

Maths: Additional topics may be added to the following list. Place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Basic algebra and equations, working with fractions, negative numbers, ratios, decimals, factors and multiples, percentages, sequences, special numbers and number patterns. Shapes and symmetry, area and perimeter, working out angles, measurement, 2D and 3D shapes, volume and capacity, reflection, rotation and translation. Reading scales and unit conversion. Data handling, graphs, probability, percentages and square numbers. Median, mean and range, telling the time and related problem solving.


Verbal reasoning: Covers a mixture of English and Maths logic questions. For example, letter and number sequences. Substituting letters and numbers. Relationships. Compound words. Number and letter patterns. Missing letters from a word, words between words, forming new words, swapping words to make the sentence make sense and word problems.

Non-verbal reasoning: Covers a mixture of non-language based logic questions using patterns, shapes, pictures and symbols. For example, identifying similarities in a set by finding the odd one out or one that belongs to a set. Identifying sequences by finding the next one in a sequence or confirming the repetition of a pattern. Finding the link between a pair of objects and applying that link to make a second pair of objects.

Group size

Teaching groups will be kept small with no more than ten children. This allows time for all children to receive individual support when needed. In addition to the course tutor there will be a 2nd tutor to provide additional one-to-one support during English and maths sessions.


Course tutors

All our tutors have been carefully selected, vetted and have extensive 11-plus experience. They have excellent references and were also chosen for their caring nature, friendly personalities and enthusiastic teaching style to help encourage and motivate each student.

Course sessions

English and maths sessions will take place in the morning and verbal and non-verbal in the afternoon. Total study time will be 23hours and 45 minutes.  Each course will run over five days and be arranged as follows:

Session Time
1 9.15 - 10.30
2 10.45 - 12.00
3 1.00 - 2.15
4 2.30 - 3.30

Course venue

Ripley Arts Centre, Bromley Arts Council, 24 Sundridge Avenue, Bromley.  BR1 2PX.  For full details click venue .

Break periods and lunch

Fresh fruit, soft drinks and biscuits will be made available free during break periods. Children must bring a packed lunch.

 Elevenplus_course_two_school_friends_smiling_during_refreshments_break_ (1)

 Eleven_Plus_Course_Playtime_girls_with_Hulahoops_ (1)


Course fees

A 5-day 11-plus revision course  = £525

Payment method

  • We accept payment by bank transfer, credit card, debit card and Paypal™.  We do not accept payment by cheque.  Please contact us if you have any questions about payment
  • A 3.4% transaction fee is charged to credit card, debit card or Paypal™ payments.  No fee is charged to payments by bank transfer
  • Deposits are only accepted if you pay by bank transfer. If you are paying by credit card, debit card or Paypal™, payments must be made in full at the time of booking

Payment policy

  • A deposit must be paid to hold a place if you are not paying in full at the time of booking
  • Unless a course becomes unavailable deposits are non-refundable
  • The balance of a course must be paid 2 weeks before the start of the course
  • On request fees can be paid by instalments

Now taking  bookings

Please phone or Contact us to check availability before completing the Booking form.

What some parents have to say…

Natalie Pickering, 11-plus summer course 2017

Sophia (pictured here chilling after all the exams were finished) LOVED the 11+ summer revision course 2017. The course covers all 4 components of the test (verbal, non-verbal, maths and English) and so much more including exam techniques and dealing with nerves. The pre-course assessments really allow the tutors to home in on your child’s area of development so they gain the most from the course as an individual whilst still learning in a friendly, relaxed group setting. The day is structured brilliantly with regular breaks and Sophia made new friends who were going through the 11+ process which made her realise she was not going through this alone! She found this invaluable to be able to talk to her peers and share how they were finding things in the run up to the exams. The course even provided the students with the equipment they need for the exam which was such a nice touch so when the day came for the exams Sophia was very well prepared with no surprises. Sophia did very well in all the tests she sat ( Kent, Bexley and Newstead Wood) and we are in the fortunate position to be able to choose from several grammar school options to put on her secondary school application form. Maria and her team are professional, experienced and caring tutors and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this revision course for any child embarking on the 11+ process. A big thank you to everyone at Progress tutors!

Valeriya Noel-Storr, 11-plus 2017

My son attended the summer revision course in August 2017 and he really enjoyed it. Particularly, he named three things that he liked most: feeling of being challenged, strong tutors who ensured that every child understood what they were supposed to take away at the end of the course and, finally, interacting with like-minded intelligent children who had same goals as he, i.e. to pass the 11+ exams.

From myself I can add that this was definitely worthwhile attending the summer course and when the question came up of whether to attend it, I did not think twice, even though my boy worked hard and already had a good base. The course boosted his confidence through various challenging exercises and assessments and then through the mock exam at the end of the course. It also solidified and summarised his knowledge in a more structured way; the teachers did a brilliant job of clarifying and explaining every type of task that may come up at the real exam and also provided valuable tips in terms of exam technique. The atmosphere was warm and friendly, teachers were very supportive and attentive. The course was challenging but fun too!

The result was that my son got into ‘top 180’ at Bexley grammar exam, passed Kent exam with also a very high score and we are currently waiting for the outcome of our 2nd test for St. Olave’s grammar school (fingers crossed!) Kind regards, Valeriya

Julia Rogers, 11-plus summer course 2017

Emma had a fabulous time on her revision course which she started straight after finishing her school year. Motivation levels were kept high and she looked forward to it every day. It definitely boosted her confidence and gave her much needed direction and support from different tutors. Emma comfortably passed her 11+ for Bexley and has just been selected by her school to enter the national Young Mathematician of the year award. This would not have happened had she not had the extra support and encouragement from both her tutor and the revision week. Thanks, Julia.

Shingie Shoniwa, 11-plus summer revision course 2016 & 2017

Michael started off as a very reserved child not willing to take on challenges. He took part in the year 4 summer school in 2016 to help prepare him for what was ahead. The course highlighted a weakness in maths so Maria arranged for my son to have tuition with Anita, one of the course tutors.  Thanks to Anita who boosted Michael’s confidence in mathematics, by the time he returned to the summer school this year he was scoring over 80%. Being on the course with other children really helped him to understand that he wasn’t the only child doing extra work.  My son worked extremely hard and enjoyed taking part. He was so happy when he got the prize for the most progress between year 4 and 5.

Hello Maria, I’m delighted to say Michael passed all the tests he sat: Bexley, Kent and first round of St Olaves. Thank you so much for your support and patience with him. We are over the moon. Fingers crossed for the St.. Olaves 2nd stage test which was written in November.

Thank you, Shingie

James Gore, 11-plus summer revision course. 2016 (photo – just after the 11+ test!)

kent-test-photo-2The course is magnificently run and manages a seemingly impossible task of being enjoyable (fun even) for the kids whilst being of a very high demanding standard. It was absolutely ideal as a finishing course to tie in all the revision done, develop understanding of any weak spots, and to learn the test structure and technique needed. It is held in a wonderful location, with an emphasis on fun and play being incorporated, along with some treats to break up the study. It is so clear that the course owner and the tutors care about the children, and that gives and gets rewards alone. We are very pleased that we found the course and our daughter is delighted she went on it. (btw daughter passed Kent and Bexley tests).

Katie Blake, 11-plus summer revision course. 2016 (photo taken on results day)

Hi Maria, Just thought I’d let you know that, after attending the summer school, Sam passed all the 11+ exams he took (Kent, Bexley, Sutton and St Olaves) and was offered a place at his first choice school Wallington County Grammar last week.

Sam says “thank you very much, I absolutely loved the summer school and would recommend it to anyone. I’m very happy to be going to wallington in September!”  Best wishes,  Katie.

Gemma Whitney, 11-plus summer revision course. 2016

img_0682My son was not looking forward to the week long 11+ revision course as he felt it was unfair that he was having to “go to school” during the summer holidays. However, I am pleased to say that not only was it a great learning experience, he also thoroughly enjoyed himself and made lots of new friends. The course itself was an excellent mix of teaching with some fun thrown in and taught him about exam technique tips, as well as consolidating his knowledge acquired over the course of the year with his tutor. We would be happy to recommend this course to anybody thinking of putting their child forward to sit the 11+. Our son has just received his results and we are delighted to say that he passed with flying colours. Whilst rightly taking most of the credit for this himself, we are also very grateful to Progress Tutors and Jake’s tutor for all their hard work and support in helping our son achieve his potential. We would be happy to recommend Progress Tutor’s 11+ revision course and tutoring service to anybody thinking of putting their child forward to sit the 11+. Best of luck!

Vivienne Foster, 11-plus summer revision course. 2016

img_9752I booked the summer course following a recommendation from a friend. I held off telling my daughter I’d booked it as she was due to start the course the day after we returned from our summer holiday and I was worried she’d hate me for booking her on something for a whole week of her school holidays! However she ended up having a great time; she really liked the tutors, and she made some good friends. The course was intensive and there was homework each day. My daughter hadn’t had any tutoring prior to the course, but she made fantastic progress from her pre-course tests to the ones on the final day of the course. It helped us to identify where she did need some additional support for entrance exams, and it helped her to build skills in understanding what questions are actually asking, and in planning and timing for exams. We are inexperienced with the whole world of tutoring/11 plus exam prep, and I was worried that this course might be a ‘sausage factory hothouse’ – but it absolutely wasn’t. It balanced challenging content with a warm and friendly atmosphere and was good value for money.
Maria is personal, responsive and very experienced and I would recommend this course and Progress Tutors unequivocally.

Hello Maria, my daughter got offered a place at St Dunstans, which we have accepted. Once again, thanks for all your help. I  am sure I will be in touch at some point for your help with my 7 year son.  All the best, Viv.

What our 11-plus students have to say…


Freddie, 11-plus summer course. 2017

I enjoyed playing with my friends at breaks time. It’s not six hours of work! Definitely I understand English more because my comprehension was bad but has now risen to 90%. It was hard but really helpful. I used to worry that I hadn’t enough time to prepare but I feel I could sit the exam right now. It genuinely felt so great, I would wake up and couldn’t wait to go.

Denis, 11-plus summer course. 2017

I can’t think of anything specific I like most about the course because it’s amazing. The teachers are nice and you learn lots of new stuff. I used to struggle doing a writing plan but now I know what to do. You actually understand everything better here. Even if you’re good at something, you get better. The mock exams give you an example of the real 11+ exam. Do it! I give it 5 stars. You feel safe and make great friends. It’s an exquisite course.

Florence, 11-plus summer course. 2017

I enjoyed making new friends and I learnt lots of tips on what to do in an exam. I didn’t know algebra before but now I have learnt it and love doing it. I would say do the course because you won’t be scared on the day of the 11+ and there are lots of break times and a lunch break. I thought it would be scary but it is not and I made more friends than I imagined.

Sasha, 11-plus summer course. 2017

I enjoyed meeting lots of new people and feeling welcome. In a week it felt like my second home. The things I understand better are non-verbal and inequality in maths.  I also had more practice with my timing. Thank you I’m really glad I came.

Nicole, 11-plus summer course. 2017

I liked playtime because there’s a lot of space to run around and enjoy ourselves. It was nice to have a break after each subject. I now know to mark questions I guess with the same letter and that it is important to check your work. I think after going to this course I definitely feel prepared for the 11+. I really enjoyed the course. I have learnt a lot and would definitely recommend it.

Naina, 11-plus summer course (year 4 course). 2017

I mostly enjoyed playtime because I made 6 friends and had great fun. Also I looked forward verbal because I learnt new words, very big ones I can use in stories. I now understand adding and subtracting fractions with different numbers at the top. I also feel more ready for the 11+ exam because we did mock tests and the teachers tell us don’t be sad if you get a bad mark.  I did year 5 things and I am in year 4. I was really worried at first and I didn’t want to go but now I’ve had a great time and I am not scared.

Simran, 11-plus summer course. 2017

The course was fun and I learned loads of stuff such as algebra, speech marks and cubes in non-verbal. I also know more words in verbal. I feel more prepared for my 11+ because I have run through tests and practised finishing in time. Join this course it is amazing. I really liked it!

Ollie, 11-plus summer course. 2017

I feel more confident in everything. It’s fun and educational. I liked the cakes at break the most.  5 stars.

Alice, 11-plus summer course. 2017

I enjoyed verbal reasoning lessons the most. I also understand literacy much more and I have gone up 18%. I feel more prepared because I now know what exam conditions are like. It is extremely welcoming and Maria is very nice. Almost instantly you make a friend.

Emma, 11-plus summer course. 2017

I enjoyed the break times and that the teachers all care about you if you have a problem because it makes you feel at home. I am now better at semi-colons, perimeter and area and algebra. The teachers show you how to do things properly and how to get to the correct answer. Thank you for making this course so enjoyable and fun!

Amandeep, 11-plus summer course. 2017

I enjoyed how much we learnt. I now understand fractions much better and we practised lots of tests. I would definitely recommend it.  The prizes were nice.

Ethan, 11-plus summer course. 2017

I enjoyed verbal with Ros the most and all the playtimes with cakes. I have more confidence in algebra and writing stories with sara and Izabela.  I learnt a lot and feel like if I came back here next week I could take the 11+ straight away. I would say thumbs up.

Toni, 11-plus summer course. 2016

I enjoyed the English lessons most because I learnt something new and the teacher was really kind. I am more confident in planning stories, writing stories and starting sentences. I also know how to use pronouns when mentioning two people and how to check my work. I now know what will happen in the 11+ exam and feel more prepared. The course is fun and you make new friends.

Evie, 11-plus summer course. 2016

I liked everything about the course! I am now better at ratio, algebra and commas. It really does help and take away your nerves.

Alice, 11-plus summer course. 2016

The thing I enjoyed most about the course are the friendly tutors and the house that it is in. They make learning fun and easy to understand. I now have more confidence in verbal, non-verbal and particular parts of maths and English. The experience is brilliant and you can walk out of Ripley Arts Centre  with a head full of new knowledge and friends! The course is definitely worth going on with a special surprise at the end…

Sam, 11-plus summer course. 2016

I enjoyed making new friends and seeing ourselves improve. The things I understand better are word problems in maths, vocab in English and comprehension. You have fun and learn so much. I improved by 25% on maths and comprehension. I feel almost certain I’ll pass. Thank you so much Maria, Ros, Sara, Izabela, Anita and Angela for a great time.

Edima, 11-plus summer course. 2016

I have more confidence in my timing and also in my maths and non-verbal. I feel much more prepared for my 11+ exam because unlike some others, they give you what     you expect and interact with you. They help you make progress that is why they are called Progress Tutors.

Lauren, 11-plus summer course. 2016

I now have more confidence in doing maths word problems, BY A LOT! I have also enjoyed verbal because I have learnt the meaning of words and I have learnt a lot. I would say that the course has helped me by a massive improvement and I recommend going.  Thank you for all of the help!

Jake, 11-plus summer course. 2016

Maths is one of the most amazing things here and you learn so many things in the first five minutes. I have loads more confidence in verbal reasoning and have a lot more knowledge in it. I feel way more prepared for my exam and don’t feel scared at all. The teachers are so nice. It has been a lot of fun and I feel that I am better in every subject.

Ella, 11-plus summer course. 2016

I learnt a whole lot in English and had so many laughs. I understand comprehension much more and I improved in my creative writing. I feel more prepared and confident in the 11+ because the questions are much easier now. I was terrified at the beginning and nervous.  Soon enough I made 2 really amazing friends. I had so much fun on the course. Thank you.

Hannah, 11-plus summer course. 2016

I can’t decide what I enjoyed most on the course – everything, it was all really fun. I am now better at ratio, algebra, creative writing and comprehension. I feel more confident because I now know what it will be like taking the tests. The course is so much fun and you get biscuits. I want to do the course again when I do my GCSE exams!

Anna, 11-plus summer course. 2016

The course is brilliant and so are the staff. I recommend it 100%. I liked making new, out of school friends and learning so much from all aspects such as many rules in maths and meeting Foxy! I understand maths language much better and in English how to use proper punctuation and planning. This course has helped my confidence for the tests. I would like to say that this course is brilliant.

Krish, 11-plus summer course. 2016

The things I understand better now are maths word problems and comprehension. I really enjoyed the fun games that we played outside because they have a big garden. On the last day of the course we do tests and correct our work. You also get prizes if you do well.

Elizabeth, 11-plus summer course. 2016

I enjoyed maths the most because I learnt something new everyday as well as all the other subjects. I have learnt a good way to plan a story but quickly. I am more prepared for my exam because I got a higher mark in my mock exam than the test before. It is a very friendly course.

Emily, 11-plus summer course. 2016

What I enjoyed in the course was how the teachers always help you to improve on all the subjects and I enjoyed making new friends. I improved a lot on vocabulary by learning a lot of new words that have stuck in my head. I feel more relaxed about the exam and less stressed.  If you are looking for a course try ‘progress tutors’ which will help you a lot. Sara (the English teacher) has a very lovely dog – called Foxy and is very well-trained and likes sandwiches.

Sophie, 11-plus summer course. 2016

I now understand ratio, fractions and when to use colons.  You learn lots and it is hard work but it is incredibly fun too. Foxy is the best mascot ever!

Summer School Group 2015 Shot Students and Staff edited-2

Eva, 11-plus summer course.  2015

The lessons engaged me and the teachers were great. Foxy the dog was lovely too.   The things I have more confidence in are grammar and punctuation in English, fractions in maths, sequences in VR and nets and cubes in  NVR.  I learnt so many new skills and there is so much I now know that I didn’t know before. I feel much more prepared for my exam.

Yashvi, 11-plus summer course.  2015

I enjoyed maths because I learnt so many new things.   I don’t think any other course could be so much fun.  The things I now understand better  are algebra, reflection, nets, vocabulary and codes.  On the second to last day we went through the Bexley, Kent and Newstead rules and regulations so I feel a lot more prepared for the exam. I loved stroking Foxy.

Louis, 11-plus summer course.  2015

I enjoyed English the most because I liked the teacher, Sara is fun and you learn whilst having fun. I learnt a lot more words and I can still remember their meanings and how to spell them. My English vocab wasn’t the best but now it is.  I thought I wouldn’t make friends but I did.  In the end I didn’t want to leave.

Keya, 11-plus summer course.  2015

On the course the teachers set you homework and if you get any wrong they fully explain how to get the right answer. I feel more confident in all my subjects but I improved more on maths and non-verbal. The course teaches you anything you struggle with.

Tabitha, 11-plus summer course.  2015

I liked that we got fruit and drinks to give us energy. I now have more confidence in all 4 topics but I have improved more in English. I feel more prepared for the exam because I now get more marks than I used to get. You have to pay attention to what the teachers are saying and apply it to your work. The teachers are very friendly and they give you sweets if you are good.

Isabelle, 11-plus summer course.  2015

I enjoyed doing the exams as it gave me confidence to do better than the pre course tests. I now understand  story writing in English, area, perimeter and ratio in maths and non-verbal. The course was a mixture of fun and work.  You make new friends and learn new things. All the teachers are lovely.  Maria is wonderful and lovely too.

Henry, 11-plus summer course.  2015

I enjoyed English the most because I learned to show off my skills.  I also now know how to deal with trickier questions in all subjects. I feel more prepared for my exam because before  I wasn’t sure how to use some words, but now I have much greater confidence. It was a euphoric experience, and I would rather come here than go to school!

Isabella, 11-plus summer course.  2015

I enjoyed the lessons because I felt I could say what I wanted to say and in general I felt more relaxed.  I now have more confidence in fractions and comprehension.  I learnt different ways  to solve things.  I learnt a lot.  The course was fun and I made new friends.

Ben, 11-plus summer course.  2015

The thing I liked most about the course was learning new techniques to work out problems in maths.  Also I have a better understanding of English literature and learning new words that sound crazy! I feel more prepared for my 11-Plus exam because all the areas in my brain are covered.  I’m ready to go!  I loved Foxy the dog because he is a good friend and calmed me down.  I also made 4 new friends. There is absolutely nothing to be nervous about coming to this course.

Mary, 11-plus summer course.  2015

I am now more confident in my maths, especially algebra thanks to Izabela. Even though Angela was quite strict I still learnt a lot in her NVR lessons.  I also learnt many new words in English and VR.  I feel more prepared for my exam because I’ve learnt much quicker techniques for all four subjects. I enjoyed the lessons as things that I didn’t understand were covered so now I do understand. I enjoyed having Foxy around.

Luca, 11-plus summer course.   2015

The place is amazing, you make new friends and learn so much.  My English used to be bad but I moved up. I also gained confidence in maths verbal and non-verbal. The course was fun.

Reina, 11-plus summer course.  2015

I enjoyed making new friends. I now know more words in English, different methods for maths and I became quicker in Non-verbal. I feel more prepared for my exam because I am a lot quicker. The course was a lot of fun.  I also liked the fruit.

Isobel, 11-plus summer course. 2014

The thing I like most about the course is that if you say something is hard or you are unable to do it a teacher will ALWAYS help you.  They portray that they really care about my exam results and I have really grown to like them.  I love the way that instead of just telling me to do things and making me do what my friends can do they focus on bringing out the best in me.  I am now more confident in turning fractions into mixed numbers and e.g. John will be R in 7 years what was he 3 years ago? I now feel really prepared for the 11+ exam.   The Course is brilliant, thank you so much for everything!  I love having Foxy around, she is so cute!

Lauren, 11-plus summer course. 2014

I enjoyed English the most because I am not very good at it so I learnt a lot. I understand everything about the 11-Plus much better. I feel more prepared and I don’t feel stressed.  The course was fantastic,  I loved it.  Thank you!!!

Rosalie, 11-plus summer course. 2014

I now understand decimals and fractions much better and am now not scared or worried about my exam. I have learnt lots of new things and have enjoyed making new friends. Thank you for teaching me.

Sophia, 11-plus summer course. 2014

I enjoyed having different teachers on the course. I now feel more confident in English and non-verbal and feel more prepared for my exam because I don’t have a weak subject anymore.  It was great fun but I still learnt a lot. Having Foxy was great.

Ryan, 11-plus summer course. 2014

I really enjoyed writing funny stories with the English teacher and I also loved being around her dog. I can now use a range of puntuation from question marks all the way to full stops and elipses. I feel a lot more prepared for my exam because I know a lot more words and their meanings.  I made lots of new friends and learnt a lot.

Mia, 11-plus summer course. 2014

This course has helped me understand anagrams and also algebra. I now have a lot more confidence in my maths which has made me believe in myself.  I feel a lot more prepared for the 11-Plus because I have learnt a lot. I have also enjoyed working and making observations of the imense progress I have made.  I really enjoyed making new friends.

Deeya, 11-plus summer course. 2014

I enjoyed learning different things and  am now more confident in algebra, creative writing and comprehension. It is a lovely place and I have learnt a lot and also had fun. Thank you for teaching me.

Joseph, 11-plus summer course. 2014

I liked most the English lessons because I improved in my writing.  I now know the difference between where and were.  I feel more prepared for my 11+ exam because we did mock exams and I looked at my mistakes.

Margaret, 11-plus summer course. 2014 

I like Sara’s English lessons because I learnt a lot and she is funny and has a dog.  I now understand commas, apostrophes and am much better at story writing and planning.  I also feel more confident in vocabularly and missing letters in verbal, cubes in non-verbal and percentages, decimals  and fractions. The course was fun and cool.

 Callum, 11-plus summer course. 2014 

I loved the friendly service that was given to us. I feel more prepared for my exam as I have had a good time to think and work hard in a quiet environment.  I am more confident in Non-verbal and maths now as the working out is easy. I hope you can expand and become popular.

Georgina, 11-plus summer course. 2014

The best thing was making new friends because then I could work with them in the lessons. I am  more confident in my vocabularly and in verbal reasoning and feel more confident in mock exams. Before the course I  thought it was a bit scary but in the end I really enjoyed it. Thank you for all your help and I will miss you! I will  really miss  Foxy because I don’t have a pet at home.

Eleven_Plus_Course_Group_Portrait_August_1st_2014_ (2)

Olushola, 11-plus summer course. 2012

The main things I have learnt are different methods to do maths, English, verbal and non-verbal problems. I enjoyed learning new things, making new friends and having a teacher that cares about every single one of us.  In verbal I now understand how to do the opposite meaning, word progression and find the 4 letter word…

Samuel, 11-plus summer course. 2012

We learnt maths, tips for writing essays, creative writing and how to think of a catchy title. We also did verbal and non-verbal with Angela.  After we did tests to see if we were better and more confident. I have improved my confidence on everything. Thank you.

Aizenosa, 11-plus summer course.  2012

The things I learnt most on the course were maths and non-verbal. The lady taking the course expanded on the areas that we didn’t understand and that children commonly got wrong. I  feel more confident in reading scales, algebra and decimal places.  In verbal I am better at codes and number sequences. During the course I enjoyed working in a comfortable environment with a friendly teacher and learning new things.

Samuel, 11-plus summer course.  2012

I learnt tips on doing essays, comprehension, creative writing and maths. I also learnt how to plan a story and think of a catchy title.  I also did Non-verbal with Angela. At the end of the course we did tests to see if we were better and more confident. I improved in everything thanks to progress tutors because I used to not have much confidence on many things.

Enjoying time with Foxy, our 11-plus mascot


Summer School Boys with Mascot Dog Foxy cropped