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Carlie Hewes, 2012

Thank you for providing us with such a wonderful tutor. I really appreciate that you listened to our needs and matched Miles perfectly to his tutor. We have seen some fantastic results and a really motivated child.                  

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Marion McHardy, GCSE tuition. 2016

marion2Progress Tutors have provided maths and computer science tutors for my daughter who is in year 11. This tutor agency will do their utmost to find the right match for your child in whatever subject and unlike the more well known larger companies they provide a personal touch and will always keep you up to date. My daughter was very happy with both tutors and made good progress at school, particularly in maths. I have to add that Maria Charvetto works far beyond what is necessary to find a tutor for you. Thank you Maria and your staff, you do an amazing job. Thanks, Marion


Agnita Oyawale, GCSE tuition and easter revision course. 2015 

I was really delighted with the care that progress tutors took to match my son with the right tutors and revision courses. My son felt that the tutors boosted his confidence and removed many of his worries. He got higher grades than predicted in both of his English exams and was able to do his chosen subjects in the sixth form of his choice. The maths & science tutor was a perfect match and built up his confidence, he became more like a mentor which was great. Thank you Progress Tutors.