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Ose Olotu, Chemistry GCSE tuition. 2016


I am indeed very grateful for the support from progress tutors with regards to my son’s success in his GCSE exam. The feedback from my son is this: ‘I never liked chemistry, but I now enjoy it because Michael makes it easy’. My son did very well in his GCSE and he is now doing chemistry  A level. That in itself is a testimony! Maria is quite ‘on the ball’ in getting the information out to parents and following through with ensuring that the children do not miss out with the support they need, in order to achieve their desired grades. I cannot thank Maria enough! Michael (tutor) is polite, approachable and quite understanding. My experience with progress tutors has been a very pleasant one! Thank you Maria for all your hardwork!!!


Lucy Reeve, Primary tuition. 2016


So far we are really pleased with our English tutor, Maria. Ashton seems to have gained more confidence with creative writing and Rianna really enjoys the lessons. Thank you, Lucy.