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How to decide whether the 11+ is right for your child.

We all want our children to reach their full potential and become happy, well-rounded adults. So, when my son said he wanted to go to a grammar school, I was encouraging. He was top of his class so it was an easy decision. He worked hard, excelled in the exams and is now thriving at his chosen … [Read more...]

What is verbal reasoning?

Verbal Reasoning comprises a series of tests designed to assess ability to think logically with word patterns. I shall outline a number of such tests, although my list will not be exhaustive. Grouping A relatively straightforward exercise in which candidates are asked to classify items into … [Read more...]

What is the 11 plus?

The 11 plus is the collective term for a combination of tests which assess pupils’ ability when they are in year 6. These tests run for a set amount of time and adhere to strict time limits. Your child will need to work quickly and accurately in order to pass and there is little allowance for … [Read more...]

What are entrance exams?

  Entrance exams are tests set by private schools and grant-maintained schools and are used to assess the ability of prospective pupils to see primarily if the child’s educational / academic attainment is already at a reasonable or impressive level, and also if s/he will be able to cope … [Read more...]

The perfect home tutor

Whilst I do my very best to find the ‘perfect tutor’ for every student, with the growing demand for home tuition, there are times when I have to ask parents and students to simply look elsewhere.  This concerns me not for the reasons you may think, but because I know finding a good tutor is a bit of … [Read more...]