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What is tutor vetting?


The process we follow to make sure our tutors meet the high standard we are looking for.

We check their identity, CV, qualifications, teaching and tutoring references and DBS certificate (criminal background check).

Why is it so important?

We check a person has the qualifications and skills presented on their CV.

A small number of people have provided us with false information.  Telling us they have mislaid their degree certificate when they do not actually have one.  We verify this when we contact their university, something they do not expect us to do.

Reference checks can confirm tutors have a high standard of teaching and professionalism and can reveal their personality and reliability.

The tutors we don’t accept.

We don’t accept applications from ‘A’ level students or undergraduates no matter what college or university they go to.

Over the past few years we have been inundated with people wanting to tutor for us but only about ten percent meet our requirments. Quality is more important than quantity.

The tutors we accept.

Almost all our tutors are qualified school teachers or qualified college or university lecturers. We have a small number of very talented tutors that have a minimum of a degree in their specialist subject and extensive tutoring experience with very good references. Many of these are qualified to PhD level.  A tutor must have a friendly and caring personality.

A good tutor can get fantastic results.

Mr and Mrs Okwok, 11-plus. Oct 2011 

Our daughter’s result for the 11+ was simply fantastic! She made the Top 180 group of kids for the Bexley Tests and achieved maximum scores of 140 points per subject in the Kent Tests. We are so proud of her. Thank you for the top-grade teachers you provided and the first class support she received at the revision sessions. Please inform her teachers and give them our warm thanks for a job well done!