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Tutor monitoring

Sharon’s daughter enjoys the benefits of our tutor monitoring.

Sharon Kerr, Science GCSE. Jan 2011 

I have been absolutely thrilled by the quality of tuition provided by David.  David makes learning fun but relevant. He takes time to understand my daughter’s individual needs and has created a learning plan which has led to significant improvements in her performance. Perhaps more significantly in her self belief and confidence. It is an absolute joy to hear her laughing in the study room especially given the topics she is tackling.


Why is monitoring so important?

It is an essential and important part of our tutoring service.  It is the only way we can find out whether parents are really happy with our tutors and whether their child is making good progress. We enjoy talking to parents and encourage as much feedback as possible.  Sometimes we chat to parents on the phone but we also collect feedback through emails and monitoring questionnaires.

Helping you find the perfect tutor

The information we collect about each tutor and student is invaluable.  It helps us maintain a high standard of tutoring but also helps us perfect our student-to-tutor matching.  The more information we collect about our tutors the better we know them and the better we can match them to future students. Yes, it’s a lot of hard work behind the scenes but we are proud of the results.