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Why is tutor matching so important?


The alternative is trying one tutor after another until you find the right one. Wasting valuable time and money.

With the right tutor match your child will be enthusiastic and motivated and will achieve their learning objectives.

How it works:

Step 1: Through our tutor vetting and monitoring we get to know our tutors well.  We take note of their personalities, the kind of students they work best with and the results they get with their students.

Step 2: We ask specific questions about your child and listen carefully to what you have to say. We appreciate that no one knows a child better than the parents.

Step 3: We take on board everything you have said about your child not forgetting their personality and the expectations you have for the tuition. We then select a tutor that we know will be the best match for your child.  We understand that every child and every tutor is different and that getting the right match can make a big difference to the end result.  It’s not simply about finding a tutor that offers the subject your child needs.

 What one tutor had to say about matching

Nick, English tutor in Greenwich. 2014

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I have worked for four tutorial agencies over the past 15 years and Maria has been the only one to match, patiently and sensitively, a tutor’s knowledge and skills to each pupil’s educational needs. On rare occasions, when necessary, she will act with skill and diplomacy as an intermediary between tutors and parents. In this and all other matters she is exceptionally professional .



Good things can happen with the right tutor match


When Carlie called for a tutor she described her son as bright, capable but lacking in motivation. She needed a tutor that would challenge her son and push him to achieve his potential.

Carlie Hewes, 11-plus tuition. 2012

Hi Maria, Thank you so much for providing us with such a wonderful tutor. Ken has been an absolute star, really setting the highest standards for  Miles and always pushing him to do better. I really appreciate that you listened to our needs and matched Miles perfectly to his tutor and by doing so we have seen some fantastic results and a really motivated child.

Ose Olotu, Chemistry and Physics GCSE tuition. 2016


The tutor (Michael) is always punctual, definitely knows how to teach and make the child understand the subjects. My daughter was predicted a ‘C’ in chemistry and physics but she achieved ‘A’s in chemistry and physics. I am very impressed! Thank you Michael.